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September 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a while since I brought out the equipment to a non-convention event. This time I had the pleasure of doing a fun photoshoot with the duo of BBoySpiderman Cosplay and Maid of Might Cosplay. They brought out their awesome Punk versions of Spider-Man and Spider Gwen. Since the fictional characters are from New York City, I scouted out places here in Northern California that would closely resemble something out of the five burrows of New York. The location was a place that I've driven through countless of times and it embodied a scenery of the hustle and bustle of New York.

It was a bridge that goes over the freeway into the Bay Area's Railroad Transit (BART). It can easily be translated as a NY subway station on photos. After setting foot onto the bridge, we knew right away we would create some magical photos. The covered bridge gave the perfect environment for an off camera flash and we were able to capture images that played well with the location.

BBoySpiderman's Punk Spider-Man is one of the coolest Spidey costumes I've seen and Maid of Might's Punk Spider-Gwen was also a standout spectacle to the eye. Together, the cosplay couple easily translated magic for my camera to capture.

I will be coming back to this location for more shoots for costumes that calls for it. I have some great ideas with some cosplay friends of mine. If you want to do a shoot here with me, let's talk. Let's create magic for all to see.


Visit the gallery at http://www.jamesvallesteros.com/p904866079


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